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Project Agastya is an initiative by The 25/Bangalore Foundation, with support from the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) - International Center for Advancement of Manufacturing Technology (ICAMT)   for better, more efficient and Sustainable Water Resources Management in Bangalore.

This programme is the one of its kind in India, and is incubated by UNIDO-ICAMT.  This Programme was launched through a Workshop on Environmental Concerns & Sustainable Solutions for Water Resources Management in Bangalore City at ICAMT, CMTI Campus, Bangalore on Thursday, 20th June 2002.

Conceived as a Public-Private partnership with Government support, co-operation & Participation, Project Agastya includes all the stakeholders in Water Management & usage in Bangalore, as well as representatives of the UNIDO-ICAMT, the 25/Bangalore Foundation, Government Departments & agencies, Research & Educational institutions, bilateral/multilateral agencies & other like-minded NGOs.  

Objectives of Project Agastya

Project Agastya has the support & participation of the 25/Bangalore Foundation & UNIDO-ICAMT in its activities. During the Inauguration of the Forum, a detailed Plan of Action was presented, which is a result-oriented time-bound activity chart. It clearly defines what the 25/Bangalore Foundation & Project Agastya would do for the first 6 months, and also some broad guidelines for its activities. The rest of the PoA would be drawn-out by the Forum during its first few meetings. It is presumed that it would take at least 3 to 5 years to achieve all the objectives.

Mr. S Vasantha Kumar, Advisor, UNIDO-ICAMT, is the Chairman of Project Agastya, while Mr. Rajeev Kumar, General Secretary, the 25/Bangalore Foundation, is appointed Chief Executive Officer.

See full list of Office-bearers & Key Executives

Several Government Departments/Agencies, Other NGOs & Associations has offered their support & co-operation to Project Agastya & its programmes. Some of them are :The Departments of Ecology & Environment, Watershed Development, Mines & Geology and Urban Development.

The following Organizations also declared their involvement, support & co-operation :

Central Water Commission (CWC), Bangalore Mahanagara Pallike (BMP), Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), The Indo French Cell for Water Sciences (IFCWS), The Embassy of France India, The British Council & The British Library, KRVP, the Confederation of Indian Industries, the Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industries (FKCCI), Steel Authority of India (SAIL), Alliance to Save Energy (USA), Suez Corp. (France) and the Rainwater Club.


An initiative of

Incubated by

The 25/Bangalore Foundation

Project Agastya is conceived as a Public-Private partnership for better, more efficient and Sustainable Water Resources Management in Bangalore, with Government support, co-operation & Participation.

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 Mr. S Vasantha Kumar, Chairman Project Agastya (& Advisor, UNIDO-ICAMT). Ph : 3478109, 3478110, 3479832.   Fax: (080) 347 5450  email:, projectagastya@indiatimes.comMr. Rajeev Kumar, Chief Executive Officer Project Agastya & General Secretary, The 25/Bangalore Foundation. Ph : 333 5590 (R)
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 Mr. Renji Abraham, Director (Hon.)  Project Agastya. Mobile : 98440 36522 Ph : 558 4613.