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Chairman : Mr. S Vasantha Kumar 

Mr. S Vasantha Kumara has done his Master of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) from the Indian Inst. Of Science, Bangalore.

Currently is Advisor, UNIDO- ICAMT. Have been in the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) projects in India and in other countries in Europe, Africa, China, South Korea as expert and Technical advisor for the implementation of the various high technology projects e.g. CNC, CAD, CAM and CIM projects for advanced product development, and liaison with the governments, UNDP resreps and local trade organisations (over 29 years).  

Member of Society of Mechanical Engineering, USA; Member of Institution of Engineers (India); Member of Institution of Production Engineers, UK.



Vice Chairman : Mr. P K Shanbagh


Chief Executive Officer : Mr. Rajeev Kumar

Mr. Rajeev Kumar has Post Graduate qualifications in Computer Science, Business Administration & Foreign Trade.

Has been trained under UNIDO, UNEP, NCPC (Govt. of India) & KCPC (Govt. of Karnataka) in Cleaner Production & Green Productivity (CP/GP).

Specialises in Corporate Re-engineering, HR Training & Cleaner Production/Green Productivity Consulting.

Currently heads coreAlliance Consulting, Bangalore. Also serves on the board of ChemNest India, Bangalore (a Biotech Consulting start-up), CoreAlliance Consulting, Bangalore, RamaVarma Technologies, Bangalore (an IT R&D Start-up).    Has over 8 years of experience in Management Consultancy, including 3 years in CP/GP.



Honorary Director : Mr. V Jagannatha. 

Mr. V Jagannatha is a  post-graduate in environmental engineering and sanitation(IIT-KGP,1986) and is an external  Ph.D. Research Scholar  in Harnessing Urban Waste Waters for Bangalore

Formally works as a Scientist/Engineer, CED Indian Space Research Organisation,  Bangalore

An environmental engineer working in planning, design and execution of recycling and re-use of domestic waste waters for non-potable uses for over 12 years. 2 years  experience as founder director of a DANIDA environmental training Institute for pollution prevention in Karnataka,

An environmental auditor and a planning member internet conference, IC-MFA-IBS 2000 under United Nations University. Founder Convenor, People Science Forum (KVRP)



Honorary Director : Mr. Renji Abraham 

Mr. Renji Abraham is a  graduate in Science (Chemistry) with MBA (Marketing).

Over 20 years experience. Currently Asst. General Manager in the Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL), a Govt. of India enterprise, in charge of South India operations of PET division. Has extensive expertise in Pipe & water distribution & related systems, Engineering products, electrical/energy efficient products, International Trade (steel products), new product/market development, Industrial marketing, etc.


Finance Secretary : Mr. E K Haridasan

Mr. E K Haridasan Nambiar has a Masters in Commerce, Certified Management/Cost Accountant. Fellow Member of the Institute of Cost & Works Accounts of India.  
Currently Director, Cherytech India P Ltd., Bangalore. 66 in Finance.



Mr. C K Kuriakose : Electrical Engineering

Mr. C K Kuriakose is  a Graduate in  Electrical Engineer & a Chartered Engineering.

Former Executive Engineer, Nagaland Elec. Division (Government of Nagaland). Currently Managing Director, Cherytech India P Ltd., Bangalore. Has over 20 years expertise in Energy/Power Domain.


Mr. Sudheendra R Shidleepur : Environmental Engineering & Cleaner Production

Mr. Sudheendra R Shidleepur is a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Environmental Engineering; Certified Environmental Auditor.
Has over 30 years of experience in Air & Water Pollution Control, Environmental Management & Consultancy and Cleaner Production/Green Productivity Consulting. Member of Electro-Chemical Society of India.
Founder CEO of 4D Environmental Engineering Services P Ltd., Bangalore, and Ultra Clean Air Systems P Ltd., Bangalore.


Mr. T Ramappa : Industry Affairs

Mr. T Ramappa is a Graduate in Agricultural Science with an MBA
Has over 30 years of experience in the Industrial Domain.
Currently the Secretary of the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FKCCI).


Project Agastya

For more details please contact :

 Mr. S Vasantha Kumar, Chairman Project Agastya (& Advisor, UNIDO-ICAMT). Ph : 3478109, 3478110, 3479832.   Fax: (080) 347 5450  email:,

 Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Chief Executive Officer Project Agastya & General Secretary, The 25/Bangalore Foundation. Ph : 333 5590 (R) email :,  Mr. Renji Abraham, Director (Hon.)  Project Agastya. Mobile : 98440 36522 Ph : 558 4613.

Mr. U Jagannatha, Director (Hon.) Project Agastya. Ph :  98452 50590.