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An initiative for

BETTER, MORE EFFICIENT & Sustainable Solutions for Water Resources Management IN BANGALORE.  

Project Agastya is conceived as a Private-Public partnership with active support, co-operation & participation of the Central & Karnataka Governments for better, more efficient and Sustainable Water Resources Management in Bangalore.

Project Agastya is an initiative by The 25/Bangalore Foundation, with support from the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) - International Center for Advancement of Manufacturing Technology (ICAMT)   for better, more efficient and Sustainable Water Resources Management in Bangalore.

This programme is the one of its kind in India. This Society is being constituted by represented by the 25/Bangalore Foundation, UNIDO-ICAMT, the various stake-holders of  Water Resources in Bangalore, Educational & Research Institutions, various agencies & departments of the Governments of India & Karnataka,  the Civic authorities in Bangalore, the Corporate, the Domestic Consumers (both domestic & commercial) and other like-minded individuals, NGOs & Organizations.

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The 25/Bangalore Foundation


Project Agastya

For more details please contact :

 Mr. S Vasantha Kumar, Chairman Project Agastya (& Advisor, UNIDO-ICAMT). Ph : 3478109, 3478110, 3479832.   Fax: (080) 347 5450  email:,  

Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Chief Executive Officer Project Agastya & General Secretary, The 25/Bangalore Foundation. Ph : 333 5590 (R) email :, 

 Mr. Renji Abraham, Director (Hon.)  Project Agastya. Mobile : 98861 55077

Mr. V Jagannatha, Director (Hon.) Project Agastya. Ph :  94480 50595.